A collection of the people who made CPP Cyber what it is. While many names have been lost to time, we still honor those who came before us. Rosters are listed alphabetically with the starting roster first, followed by alternates.

2023 - 2024


Captain: Evan Deters

Members: Bill Luong, Derrick Tran, Dylan Michalak, Dylan Tran, Jessica Leung, Marshall Ung, Tanay Shah, Alex Eckert, Kenneth Cher, Salvador Serrano, Sydney Duong


Captain: Dylan Tran

Members: Derrick Tran, Gabriel Fok, Marshall Ung, Maxwell Caron, Tanay Shah, Andrew Tarng, Palmer Du

2022 - 2023


Captain: Gabriel Fok

Members: Evan Deters, Dylan Tran, Jessica Leung, Jimmy Peng, Justin Covairt, Karina Rivera, Tanay Shah, Jacob Jayme, Jeremiah Fong, Marshall Ung, Sydney Duong


Captain: Justin Covairt

Members: Derrick Tran, Dylan Tran, Gabriel Fok, Jasmine Weddle, Taylor Nguyen, Jimmy Peng, Marshall Ung

2021 - 2022


Captain: Taylor Nguyen

Members: Evan Deters, Dylan Tran, Gabriel Fok, Jessica Leung, Justin Covairt, Lawrence Kim, Alejandro Rivera, Alex Tselevich, Brandon Tiet, The Hoang


Captain: Alex Tselevich

Members: Dylan Tran, Gabriel Fok, Justin Covairt, Nathan Eberhardt, Robinson Tran, Jacob Jayme, Taylor Nguyen

2020 - 2021


Captain: Silas Shen and Louie Hernandez

Members: Aaron Robinson, Alex Tselevich, Brice Lauer, Gabriel Fok, Nathan Eberhardt, Taylor Nguyen, Drue Hidalgo, Somar Dakak


Captain: Joey Dillon

Members: Alex Tselevich, Andy Chiang, Brice Lauer, Randy Salzar, Silas Shen