Bootcamp Expectations

  1. No disrespectful behavior towards peers, faculty, or instructors.
  2. No cheating or otherwise dishonest behavior for homework assignments and tryouts.
  3. No abusing or damaging the infrastructure.
  4. No malicious use of any of the content discussed.

    Unsportsmanlike conduct may affect a participant’s selection decision for the team.

Homework Grading Rubric

Homework will be graded on completeness, accuracy, and originality. All assignments will be due on a Friday anywhere-on-Earth (which ends up being 5AM PST). With this policy, if it is Friday for you anywhere in the world, you can turn it in.

Completeness: Was the homework submitted in full? Have all parts been properly addressed and covered? Is the submission on-time or otherwise excused?

Accuracy: Are the graded elements of the submission accurate? Can the student’s answers be repeated or explained further?

Originality: Does the homework show the student’s own interpretations, efforts, and research? Is the submission styled appropriately?

CCDC Tryout Grading Rubric

Tryouts will be scored on service uptime, red team defense, injects, and professionalism.

Service Uptime: The number of checks each service passed compared to the number of checks each service failed.

Red Team Defense: A measure of how effective the participant’s defenses were against the red team.

Injects: The combined scores of injects during the tryouts (graded similarly as homework).

Professionalism: Scored based on the professionalism of interactions the participant had with tryout organizers during the tryout.

CPTC Tryout Grading Rubric

Tryouts will be scored soley on the deliverable report at the end of the tryout engagement.

Technical Findings: The number of technical findings that are found during the penetration testing phase.

Report Quality: A measure of how well structured and thorough the report is in the sections. A rubric of how each section of the report is scored will be provided on the day preceding tryouts.

Business Acumen: How well the overall relevancy of your findings is conveyed.

Teamwork Grading Rubric

Teamwork scores will be derived by the team’s combined observations on each participant’s sportsmanlike conduct and team attitude.

Sportsmanlike Conduct: Contributing to the overall success of the bootcamp, peers, or community at large.

Team Attitude: Contributing to a welcoming, friendly, and productive team environment.

Team Selection Process

Team members will be selected based on a composite score of several categories. Major, background, or club affiliation, have no bearing over the selection process. The bootcamps/tryout process is the only way to be selected on the CPP CCDC and CPTC teams. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the team selection process, please reach out to current team members in the Discord.

CCDC Rubric/Requirements

Category Weight
Homework 40%
Attendance 10%
Tryouts 50%
  • Full time student at CPP for Fall and Spring semeseter
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.0

CPTC Rubric/Requirements

Category Weight
Homework 25%
Teamwork 10%
Attendance 10%
Tryouts 55%
  • Full time student at CPP for Fall semeseter
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.0